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Diet Ducane – for those who demand to lose weight at 10 kg. And more

Ducane diet specifically designed for those who request to lose gravity at 10 kg. And more. That is, if you get a big matter with being overweight mean diet Pierre Ducane for you. This regime will not alone have rid of extra pounds, but also for a long time to fix the result. Named in honor of her dietary developer – the famous French nutritionist Pierre Ducane. Regimen Pierre Ducane simple, but with strict observance of all the rules, It is possible to reach amazing effect in a short time. The diet is divided into four phases, and is based on three main components of our food – the proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Proteins or proteins occupy a very important role in our aging body can be for about time without fat or carbs, but not protein, or as. So the dietary Ducane – It is possible to say, protein diet, which is not limited in the capacity of diet food or meal times. We offer a detailed description of each stage of the regime Duke. The first phase of the diet Ducane – Attack: Regime Ducane begins with protein or protein-period, which last from 3 to 7 days (maximum – 10 times). During this period, the diet you eat only protein foods, meat, egg, crab and dairy products poor in fat. The duration of this stage of the regime Ducane you handle yourself, depending on the initial weight. If you demand to lose gravity up to 10 kg. – Enough for 2-3 days, if 10 kilogram and 20 kilogram. So 3-5 times if more than 20 kilogram. – 5-7 times (maximum 10 days). The average result of the first stage of the regime Ducane gets rid of 1 to 4 kilogram. Overweight. Eight categories of products that can be eaten during the first phase of the regimen Pierre Ducane without limitation in time and quantity. Lean meat (pork, beef, lamb…), cook without additional fat. Offal (liver, heart, kidneys, lungs, tongue…), cook without fat. Fish (any type of fish, cook without fat). Seafood – any of your range. Poultry (except duck and goose) is not fat-free face. Ham is not greasy. Eggs. Low-fat dairy items, but no more than 800 grams. A day. A regimen Pierre Ducane to drink 2 liters of fluid a time. Allowed to coffee, green tea (preferably without cane sugar), spices, saline in moderation. During this period, the diet is actively losing weight and for the normal functioning of the intestines is recommended to add to the diet 2 tbsp. L. Oat bran or 1 tbsp. L. Wheat bran. The second stage of the regime Ducane – travel or alternation: As, the 1-st phase is passed, comes the second stage regime Duke. In this period, you should alternate authorized products in the 1-st stage with boiled or raw raw vegetables. Regime Ducane offers a scheme of alternating PP – pure protein times and PL – proteins supplemented vegetables. – Lose up to 10 pounds. – 1 time PP, then one day, PL; – Lose 10 lbs., Up to 20 kilogram. – 3 times then 3 days PP PL; – Lose 20 lbs. And more – 5 times followed by 5 times PP PL; addition veg regimen Ducane allows to pick only one item per time: 1 tbsp. L. Ketchup, 3 tbsp. L. Wine (red or white), 2-3 drops of oil, continue to eat oat bran (2 tbsp. L) or wheat (1 tbsp. L.) for the normal functioning of the intestines. The 3-rd stage of the dietary Ducane – Consolidation: The 1-st 2 phases of the dietary Ducane promote rapid gravity loss, how the 3-rd step is indispensable to consolidate the effect achieved and the preparation of the body for the transition to a ordinary regimen. The chief objective of this phase of the regimen, to stabilize weight and not gain excess. Duration of the diet for 3 phase will depend on the effect, ie, how much do you lose weight in the 1-st 2 periods: for every kg lost – 10 days of the regimen of the third stage. Authorized products: all products from the 1-st and second phase of the regime Ducane, 2 slices of bread per day, 2 servings of starchy foods per week (rice, potatoes, etc.), 1 serving of fruit per day (excluding bananas, grapes, cherries). Necessary, in the opinion of Pierre Ducane arrange however-called feast, twice a week (one meal, but not a whole time). At this meal, you can eat all you request, but without overeating. But it is impossible to hold such feasts on 2 consecutive days, break these techniques such however 1 for Monday, 2 – on Thursday. The fourth phase of the regimen Ducane – Stabilization: Stabilization – This is the final stage of the diet Duke. The basic objective of this phase of the regime is to stabilize the weight. Since the third period of a regime to prepare the body to a normal regimen, the stabilization stage allowed a normal regimen, but subject to 2 rules. – 1st rule Ducane regime – once a week to organize food from the 1-st phase – eat pure proteins – 2nd rule – every time to eat 3 tablespoons. L. Oat bran; Duration 4-th phase of the regimen Ducane – unlimited. By following these 2 simple rules, the ordinary dietary, you will be able to normalize your weight.


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